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The Polite Society Podcast and Self Defense Radio Network, and the Second Amendment Foundation are very proud to host the 6th annual Alternative Mass Media Conventions (AMM-CON) 2022 workshop.

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for so much of the information that our 2nd Amendment community receives. We MUST hold ourselves to a higher standard than that of the local and national media so we have set aside a full day that will be dedicated to Podcasters, Bloggers, YouTube creators and anyone else in the NEW MEDIA that has a connection to the 2nd Amendment Community.

Our event goals are to offer top industry speakers that will help improve the effectiveness of media through our attendees:

  • Offer guidance on how to better connect with their consumers
  • Improve journalism with fact checking and WHY it’s important to GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME
  • Advise on the effectiveness of new technology and products available to the 2nd Amendment media
  • Interview Techniques
  • Investigative journalism for the citizen journalist
  • Monetizing your media
  • Turning the consumer’s of media into ACTIVISTS
  • Roundtable discussions.

Sharing info among our guests will strengthen their resources and will help build a solid connection with their consumer. Our attendees “reach” of their combined product is in the 10 of millions. Continuing Education is a vital part of any industry and AMM-COM is taking the lead on 2nd Amendment NEW MEDIA education.

The workshop will take place on Friday, September 30, 2022