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The Polite Society Podcast and Self Defense Radio Network, and the Second Amendment Foundation are very proud to host the 4th annual Alternative Mass Media Conventions (AMM-CON) 2020 workshop.

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for so much of the information that our 2nd Amendment community receives. We MUST hold ourselves to a higher standard than that of the local and national media so we have set aside a full day that will be dedicated to Podcasters, Bloggers, YouTube creators and anyone else in the NEW MEDIA that has a connection to the 2nd Amendment Community.

Our event goals are to offer top industry speakers that will help improve the effectiveness of media through our attendees:

  • Offer guidance on how to better connect with their consumers
  • Improve journalism with fact checking and WHY it’s important to GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME
  • Advise on the effectiveness of new technology and products available to the 2nd Amendment media
  • Interview Techniques
  • Investigative journalism for the citizen journalist
  • Monetizing your media
  • Turning the consumer’s of media into ACTIVISTS
  • Roundtable discussions.

Sharing info among our guests will strengthen their resources and will help build a solid connection with their consumer. Our attendees “reach” of their combined product is in the 10 of millions. Continuing Education is a vital part of any industry and AMM-COM is taking the lead on 2nd Amendment NEW MEDIA education.

The workshop will take place on Friday, September 18th, 2020 which just so happens to be the day before the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando, Florida! So there is NO EXCUSE not to attend since a large number of NEW MEDIA will at the same venue! Remember, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE…….