Paul Lathrop

Host of Polite Society Podcast  



Cheryl Todd

Host of Gun Freedom Radio




Mark Walters

Host of Armed American Radio 



Amanda Suffecool

Co-Host of Eye On The Target Radio



Shelley Hill

Indispensable Organizational Wizard at The Complete Combatant




Sarah Cade

Cade Imaging




Tiffany Johnson

Owner at QP Legal





Beth Alcazar

Instructor at Pacifiers and Peacemakers




Stephen Gutowski

Staff Writer at the Washington Free Beacon



Charlie Cook

Host of Riding Shotgun with Charlie on YouTube.



Dave Workman

Sr. Editor at Second Amendment Foundation



Drew Berquist

Editor-in-Chief at OpsLens.com and host of CRTV’s Experience Matters with Drew Berquist.


Amy Robbins

CEO Alexo Athletica



Matt Schinzing

LFD Resaerch / Geeks, Gadgets & Guns Podcast


Maj Toure

Founder Black Guns Matter



Alan Korwin

GunLaws.com / Bloomfield Press


Dan Wos

Author-Good Gun Bad Guy, National 2nd Amendment Advocate



Kevin Dixie

No Other Choice (NOC) Firearms Training




Erin Palette

Operation Blazing Sword




Craig DeLuz

Director of Legislative & Public Affairs at Firearms Policy Coalition

Owner of Uncommon Sense Media Group


Emily Valentine


Founder of Style Me Tactical


Nika Underwood

Nika Consulting